Gadgets and Special Equipment

Abdurant crystal; Provides some protection from weapons for a round
Light crystal: Attaches to your tinker item gives of light.
Fire lens: Worn like goggles. Shoots fire rays.
Mini computer: A mechanical handheld computer made with steam-punk tech and crystals. Starts with the ability to communicate with anyone within 120’.
Poison spray; Nozzle attaches to your item and shoots poison.
Frost lens: Same as the fire lens but shoots frost and slows the target down.

1st level tech

Nozzles (Attach to your item)
Grease nozzles: Trips enemies up.
Fire nozzles: Shoots a sheet of flames that can target multiple enemies.
Tranquilizer powder: Puts people to sleep.
Fog nozzle: Creates a cloud of fog.

Computer upgrades (You must have one to use these)
Magic detection computer upgrade: Detects magic
Detect evil computer upgrade: Detects certain evil creatures
Translator computer upgrade: translates all languages
Identify computer upgrade: Learns the properties of a magic imbued item.
Animal translator computer upgrade: Translates animal speech.

Other Stuff
Light lens: Shoots a concentrated beam of light that can be used as a weapon.
Spring boots;Greatly increases walking speed.
Advanced spring boots: Same as above but with the jumping ability. (Running and jumping cost one use each)
Advanced abdurant crystal: Grants better protection for an extended amount of time.
Vitality crystal: Heals allies
Feather fall vest: Eliminates fall damage.
Sonic grenade: Deals damage and knock-back
Proximity alarm: Can be placed and goes of when someone approaches.

Gadgets and Special Equipment

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