The Pheonix Labs MIssion

The Adventure began at the ESO, (Erith-Akbe Security Operations) with a mission to inspect Pheonix laboratories for a weapons contract. After finding their gear and setting out they arrive at the lab. The head of the lab Tyndus Clickbang invited them to test the new Storm-tech casters (the first electric gun) After blasting several test dummies to smithereens a alarm began to sound and the security blast doors began to close. Urist, the muscle of the party quickly rushes to the door and holds it open just long enough for three members of the party to slip under. After that he buckles under the wight but manages to jump aside without fatal damage.
Unfortunately the party now realizes that the trouble is inside the lab and that’s were they should be as well. After some thinking Thindo the tinker reroutes the failing power supply to the door and opens it for a time, letting the party enter. Now, trapped in the facility Thindo the tinker Urist the fighter Fallcist the specialist and Faylinn the Illusionist set out to resolve the mysterious loss of power that accompanied the alarms.
While traveling through the lab the party discovered assassins of some sort. They turned out to be Svirnebli, the gnome and dwarves worst enemy. After dealing with them the party continues and overcomes a trap set for them by the Svirfnebli in the form of a set of lock down doors and proceed to the crystal room. There they encounter another Svirnfnebli who turns off the crystal damper and activates all the crystals in the crystal lab, Chaos ensues and it’s a while before the damper is turned back on, by that time the Svirfnabli has made his escape. The Party then found the remote access to the generator and discovered that someone was taking down the security protocols on the new storm-tech generator. Fearing an explosion the party rushed through the next room using a fog canister to get past an escaped quagoth and enter the generator room. A battle ensues as the party finds a Svirfnabli psion attempting to sabotage the generator. Thindo attaches his caster to the generator and uses the extra power to defeat the psion and his henchman. Then the generator is finally stabilized and the mission is complete.


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