The search for Sgt. Galthron

Continuing the campaign our favorite ESO Operatives were called in to assist with a missing officer. With only a cryptic transmission to go on they triangulated his position, but before setting out they had a problem to deal with. The ship that attacked Galthrons had a cloaking device unknown to the ESO. They did some research and they found that someone had removed all the books on cloaking devices from the archive.
The perpetrator was a well known scientist and crackpot living in a strange house bolted to the cave ceiling. Negotiations went well by RPG standards. (No one was threatened with bodily harm…more than once) The slightly eccentric dwarf was coaxed into revealing information and he detailed how such a device was possible and how to track it. He even went so far as to lend them a devise that would pick up the “subliminal resonance frequency” and thus lead the to the source of the cloaking device.
The party took an ESO launch to the location they had determined and found a strange ship that immediately open fired open them with a ballistae. A battle ensued and Fallcist the pilot lost control of the launch, jamming the steering. The ship went careening towards the strange vessel and with some effort pulled up just over the bow. Most of the party opted to bail out onto the enemy ship but Thindo the tinker stayed on to fix the steering. Unfortunatly his attempt failed and he barely bailed into an abandoned estate leaving the ship to crash into the cave wall.
Those who boarded the enemy ship were in for just as rough a time, facing a ruthless crew. The two crews battled at length until Urist the veteran fighter joined the fray and defeated the opposing captain. Finally the ESO won out and the party was free to search the ship
In the hold was a strange device. The one that had been used to hide the ship from ESO eyes and scanners. Unfortunately precautions had been taken and the device was heavily sabotaged, A mechanic who was disenchanted with his boss spilled the beans saying that Sargent Galthron had been taken away to a secret base when the ship had sustained damage to its propellers during the initial battle with Galthron.
Following tips and the subliminal resonance frequency device. the party came upon the secret base. with dynamite and determination the crew blew open the disguised hanger doors and burst into the dry dock. The inhabitants had been alerted before hand and had evacuated leaving an empty facility. Searching for Galthron led them through the base and they were faced with a strange lab. Animated waxy failed experiments attacked them and they had to break through with fire and ice beams, melting and freezing the wax beings.
Finally the party found their goal in a cell in the back of the base. The kidnapped officers. But strangely Galthron was not there. In his place was a strange transmission… to be continued.


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